The single life

Have you ever had a long term relationship that suddenly ended out of nowhere?

Yeah well this just recently happened to me. Six and a half years of being with the same person, loving them, giving them everything they want, going places with them, being with them intimately. The list goes on…

Then one day he picked me up from work and said “hey I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now” and I knew. I knew that this was the end. I felt like my life instantly crashed. My whole world coming to an end. A few days later we were done. With him saying, ‘you’re just not the one for me anymore’. 

Of course I did the grieving that comes with a long term relationship, I mean come on 6 1/2 years! So the grieving came, the ‘what did I do wrong’, ‘was it me’, ‘how could I have fixed it’? All that went running through my head. Fell into a deep hole. I wouldn’t call it depression, but a big pot of anxiousness. I didn’t know if I’d be able to function after that. I mean how could I? I didn’t know I was without this man. 

But one day, a dear friend of mine made me, well actually forced me to get out of the house and go for a hike. And let me tell you, I was not having it. But I went. I cannot tell you how good it felt to be out in the open, smelling the fresh air, being with nature, I felt free, and most of all I found myself. I found the person I needed to be again. 

Let me tell you it wasn’t easy getting over this man, but I did. From that day on I let work distract me. I went out with my friends. I kept busy. I forced myself to not let it affect me. And it didn’t. I got over the breakup really quick. And I was happy once again. 

The moral of this is to never think of yourself as not being able to function without that other person. Because you can. You are a strong independent woman! We all are. We don’t need men that won’t be there for us when we need them or to not love us. 

We need a man who will love us unconditionally. We need a man who will give us that firey love that we all seek. Full of passion and hot kisses, that love that you feel deep down. You all know what I’m talking about. 

So never let a break up, break you. Move on. Be happy. Because that man never cherished you anyways. And look for the man who will. 

Tea Time

  When tea can sometimes make you feel better. Have you ever just had a day that you are so over with, and just can’t anymore? Well, for me, today was one of those days. Where everything just came crumbling down and I just had enough. I wants to sleep the day away. But no, I kept myself busy. Did some reading, and to end it, having some tea before bed.  

Always to make sure you stay positive on days like this. On days you feel like giving up. Don’t. Push forward. Because everything happens for a reason.